The NHS ONE applications are ways of using the video technology in the healthcare environment. The list below details some of the known use cases.

Multi-disciplinary team meetings

Participants across a vast and geographically dispersed area need to collaborate from locations including GP practice, home and office desk. Share any data including PACS and microscope images.

Management and Project meetings

Collaborate with all team members across a number of devices as if you were in the same room.

Internal Communications

Instant messages, schedule meetings, instantly dial into video meetings from your mobile phone.

GP Communication

Virtual consultations, link to care homes, hospitals and other GPs and NHS staff remotely.

Inter-hospital Communication

Connect to other video conferencing systems in hospitals across the country and internationally.

Clinicians and staff linking from home or remotely

Save time, travel and expenses.

Link to patients

GPs, clinicians, carers, healthcare assistants and family members can virtually link to patients at home or in care homes from any device with an internet connection.


Remote access to specialists. Consultants can control specialist cameras remotely for applications including remote stroke diagnosis and speech and language therapy.

Link to External Organisations

Including prisons, care organisations, schools and law firms.

Surgical Theatres

Expand the surgical theatre beyond the 4 walls for medical education. Multiple pan tilt zoom cameras can be remotely controlled.

Virtual Patient Visits

Family members across the world can link to patients ensuring distance is not an obstacle to communication.

Virtual Ward Rounds

Specialists can link into the medical cart on the wards to assess patients and to assist nurses.

Emergency Response

Mobile systems in ambulances to link paramedics to remote specialists for immediate assistance.

International Services

International telehealth links between hospitals to share knowledge and assist with patients.

Virtual Services

Virtual rehabilitation services, information for carers via webinars.

Virtual Translators

Translators can be linked to remotely to translate to foreign patients.